Today my sister came home from school for the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday & for the holiday!  So tonight we made a carbohydrate-rich dinner!

None other than our favorite…Fresh Whole Wheat Linguine from Wegmans, Homemade Tomato Sauce, Broccoli, & Spinach, topped with parm & Turkey Meatballs…and of course some awesome whole-wheat type of bread that my sister brought home!

We definitely had our fill of pasta!  Now let’s hope it gives us the energy we need to complete 26.2 miles on Sunday!!!  I can’t believe that the marathon is already here!  Tomorrow afternoon we are going to the Expo so that will definitely make everything feel real.  Even though I know what to expect I am definitely nervous.  Not as nervous as last year, but still…pretty nervous.  Does everyone feel nervous before a big race??


5 responses to “Carbo-Loading.

  1. YES I FEEL NERVOUS BEFORE A BIG RACE!!!! hahah and where did you get that bread!!!!!???

  2. I get nervous/excited before a race. More excited though 🙂

  3. gooooood luck 🙂 i remember that i put on a funny movie (zoolander) to quell any potential nervousness

  4. WOW You’re marathon is this weekend?? I’m so glad I peeked in! Good luck to you both on Sunday, can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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