Pre-Marathon Dinner

I loaded some pictures from the Marathon up on the computer so I’ll share a couple here.


Running in Manayunk--pretty much the death of me.

Family afterwards

Christina & I

Todd & I after the race

Getting ready to take off--Tina's looking a little cold or something!

I’m still waiting for them to post the official pictures from the marathon…we’ll have to see if there are any funny ones.  I remember making a painful face and looking up and seeing a camera…so let’s hope that moment wasn’t caught! 

To skip back a little, Saturday night before the marathon, my sister & I made a great dinner with even greater bread.

The bread was from DiBruno Bros…Raisin Walnut

Yum--we devoured this loaf.

Roasted Chicken Breasts with lemon and a smoky seasoning

Sauteed string beans, garlic, & carrots…

…and last but not least…SWEET POTATO FRIES

This was a perfect meal.  So delicious & great fuel!  I still can’t believe that we ran a marathon yesterday.  Pretty crazy.  I never would have thought that I would ever run a marathon & now I have ran 2 and I’m signed up for another.  Crazy.  I was thinking about how much pain I went through yesterday and how much I wanted to quit during the last few miles…yet I still had an absolute blast and can’t wait to do it again.  It’s really a weird thing.

Tonight I made an awesome pasta dish…recipe to come soon!


6 responses to “Pre-Marathon Dinner

  1. awesome pictures 🙂 lookin’ good in ’em post race!

    and mmmmmmmmmmmm raisin bread. i just ate some although it was likely nowhere near as delicious looking as yours haha

  2. I want that bread!

  3. Great photos, and yum on that bread!

  4. I vote make a home cooked dinner tomorrow night!

  5. I cant wait to see that pasta dish that you made tonight! oh man looking at that bread is making me crave some right now!! I say we make dinner tomorrow night here…Ill try to brain storm tomorrow morning…. (if that is what you want to do of course) and thats crazy to think that by april you will have 3 marathons under your belt! Oh and I went down two stairs in the garage- hard as hell- not looking forward to tomorrow morning haha i like the comment you made on that photo of me looking cold/scared

  6. Isn’t marathon running/training crazy like that – such a love/hate relationship! 🙂 That bread looks absolutely delicious!

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