As many of you may or may not already know, CHOBANI GREEK YOGURT has come out with two brand new flavors that will shortly be out in the markets if not already there.

Chobani was kind enough to send me samples of their two new flavors: 2% Strawberry Banana and 0% Raspberry.  I was very happy to taste and review them:

2% Strawberry Banana

This was my first time sampling a 2% yogurt from Chobani.  I tend to buy the 0% varieties.  Also I am usually a fan of the plain variety as I like to spice it up with my own toppings like cinnamon and honey.  Although I do enjoy eating the flavored varieties once in a while!  Strawberry Banana actually used to be one of my favorites flavors back in the day.  Now as for Chobani’s 2% Strawberry Banana…I really enjoyed it! I loved the thick, creaminess of the yogurt.  I will definitely be buying this flavor when I see it on the shelves.

0% Raspberry

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to sample the Raspberry flavor for myself.  It was the only yogurt in the house and my sister asked to have it, so of course, I let her.  Judging from Christina’s tastebuds, she really enjoyed it.  She said it was creamy and just the right amount of sweetness.  She would definitely buy it again.  I look forward to trying this flavor when I see it at the food store!

Keep a look out for these two new amazing flavors next time you’re at the store!

What brand of yogurt do you usually buy?  Flavor?



  1. my favorite flavor is probably vanilla. it’s kind of like plain but with a hint of something. but i don’t discriminate really and love the fruity ones and the “desserty” ones. i love me some yogurt 🙂

  2. Stonyfield! Okios is my favorite but a little too pricey to buy all the time. And vanilla is my favorite flavor. Plain just doesn’t taste good to me at all!

  3. I’ve never tried the 2%; I always go for 0%…I love all their flavors though!

  4. I usually buy plain Oikos. I am not really a fan of flavored yogurt. Most of them are way too sweet!

  5. I buy whatever is on sale! I have always loved Faye, but is just so expensive. I always buy the 0% though.

  6. Can’t wait to try these new flavors. I have still yet to find and try honey. So it will probably be another year till I can try those new flavors.

  7. i used to only eat the 0% and haven’t found one that i didn’t like. i picked up the PINEAPPLE 2% a few months ago and it is my absolute FAVORITE. creamier than the 0% and the flavor is tremendous.

    i did not like the 2% strawberry banana as much. it’s probably my least favorite of all flavors. it’s “good” but not “great” – more bland than the other fruit flavors.

    i’d choose any chobani 0% over the strawberry banana and think the pineapple 2% trumps all for flavor and texture.

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