Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you Christina for passing on the Beautiful Blogger award to me!  I am going to share 7 facts about myself that some of you don’t know and then pass it on to 7 other bloggers!

1.  I am from New Jersey and have lived there all of my life.  However, I have lived in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania during my undergraduate studies at Elizabethtown College.  I also currently live & go to graduate school in Philadelphia.

2.  I am a certified Elementary & Special Education teacher in NJ & PA.  However, I have not actually begun my career yet as I went right to graduate school.  I am currently working towards a Masters degree in Reading, Writing, & Literacy with a Reading Specialist Certification at the University of Pennsylvania.  I will be finishing up next Fall of 2010.

3.  I will be running the Boston Marathon April 19, 2010!  This will be my third marathon.

4.  I am the middle child.  We are all separated by about 2 years.  I have a younger sister, Christina, and an older sister, Danielle.  I currently  live with Danielle.  I also have two of the coolest parents in the world.

My Dad, Christina, Me, Mom, and Danielle.

5.  I have a boyfriend, Todd, who I have been dating since Junior year of high school…so 6 years?

6.  My favorite season is Summer.  I absolutely cannot stand cold weather.

7.  I have a new found love for YOGA.

I award…

Stef from Journey

Larissa from L.M.H.

Matt from The Kitchen of a Runner

Karyn from Marathon Maiden

Anna from Newly Wed, Newly Veg!

Evan from Food Makes Fun Fuel

Ashley from Daily Goods


6 responses to “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. I can’t stand the cold either, even though I’m from Massachusetts, haha. And I didn’t realize you and Todd have been together so long, that’s really sweet

  2. Love Christina – you deserve this award – how fun!!

  3. thanks for the tag girl 🙂 and i better be seeing you in boston!!

  4. I’m running Boston too. So exciting! I also LOVE yoga. It’s such a great compliment to running.

    Going to try the overnight oatmeal tonight. Thanks!

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  6. Thank you for the award!!!

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