Hello Sun!

Thank you again Anna for your guest post on Eatin’ Healthy on the Road. I know I learned a lot of good food ideas when I’m travelling.  I think you are correct when you said that preparation is key! 🙂

Recently, I have been thinking about Vitamins.  I have never taken vitamins.  Instead, I got my vitamins from my food.  However, now I wonder how I can be sure that I am getting all of the vitamins that I need?

How about you?  Do you take daily Vitamins?  If so, which ones?

Recently I read an article in Runner’s World on Vitamin D.  I found lots of important information in the article, including:

One study, published in February 2009 in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, concludes that adolescents with higher levels of vitamin D can jump higher, quicker, and with greater power than those with lower vitamin D levels. A review in Molecular Aspects of Medicine in December 2008 shows that vitamin D increases the size of fast-twitch muscles and muscular strength. Some research shows low levels of vitamin D may increase risk for sports injuries, including stress fractures such as Kastor’s, because the nutrient is so vital for bone health.

It is important to know that there are no symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency.  If you do not spend a lot of time outside in the sun or if you live where the winter sun is not strong (northern U.S., Canada, Europe), you have a higher chance of being deficient in Vitamin D.

Also, remember the importance of Vitamin D for the absorption of Calcium.  This article suggests taking a daily Vitamin D supplement that contains 2,000 IU.  Check out the article for ways to incorporate more Vitamin D through the foods in your diet.  As you will notice, there are not many foods that contain Vitamin D.  Also the foods that do, do not contain a lot of Vitamin D.

So I am sort of on the fence about Vitamins.  I really do not think that I get enough Vitamin D in the winter months here in Pennsylvania…

I think I may start taking Vitamin D…what do you think?

Anyway, enough talk about Vitamins!  Let’s move on to SPOONS!

My sister and I have a strange appreciation for tiny spoons.  We have a small collection of tiny spoons and love to use them for our morning bowl of oatmeal.  The other day I saw Caitlin using a small green spoon with her Oatmeal.  She said that she got it at Crate and Barrel for $1!  So of course I made a trip to Crate and Barrel to purchase the spoon (plus, I love that store!).  Not only did I purchase the green spoon, I also got a white one!

I used my new green spoon to eat my Egg White Oats with Banana, Blueberries, Cherries, Honey, Cinnamon, & Milk!

Oh the exciting things in life.  Don’t be jealous, Christina, I got you two too!  Here is the link to the white one online in case you want one too…I couldn’t find the green one.

Have a good day and make sure to soak up the sun! 🙂


9 responses to “Hello Sun!

  1. i love those spoons! i have to use small spoons too. everyone makes fun of me for it haha

    i take a multi-vit but i’m not sure why exactly. i don’t think it really does anything except ease my piece of mind. there have even been studies shown that some of them don’t even get digested! as for vit-D i think i’d only take a supplement if i was deficient in it and my doctor told me to. i eat a really balanced diet and i’m pretty sure that i’m getting enough through my food. but that’s just me

  2. lol– love those tiny spoons!

    I worry about the vitamin D thing here in PA too…I already take two multi-vitamins once a day, but I feel like I should be doing more…

  3. I used to take a vitamin, but I don’t anymore. I think I eat well enough that I don’t need it.

  4. DID YOU KNOW…………..?

    Mushrooms are the ONLY item in the produce department with naturally occurring Vitamin D?!?!


  5. I love having fun with utensils!

  6. I do take a daily vitamin that’s just the target brand – i really try and make sure I get enough calcium and vitamin D daily!

  7. I have been thinking about vitamins recently too…hmmm maybe we should take them??but there are so many out there!!!! which to chose!!!??? and when i was reading the spoons segment I was like omgggg i am jealous (as I was eating my oatmeal with my Ritz spoon haha). and then i saw you got one for me!!! yayy thank you so much mary i love you!!

  8. Hello and thank you for this. I have always been a big fan of Cod Liver Oil, natural D3.

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