I tailed you

Tonight at dinner my Dad showed me a few pictures on his iPhone that resembled the one below.  He said…”Check this out, I tailed ’em!”

hahaha so if you are still wondering what I am talking about, my Dad who is a doctor makes tails out of medical tape and sticks them on nurses without them knowing…hahaha.  Apparently he has been doing this for years because I asked if they had ever done it to him and he said that they got him a few years ago.   hahahaha I find this hilarious.  I should just keep this picture around whenever I need a good laugh.  I hope it made you laugh too!

So, now let me babble on about Boston Marathon Training!  Although I am still in my first week of training, I feel like everything is going great.  Prior to this, when I trained for marathons, I would simply go out and run the planned distance at whatever pace I could carry.  Now I realize how wrong I was.  I realize now that you can’t be out there everyday pushing as hard or almost as hard as you can.  Additionally, I realize that there should be a place for easy, recovery, tempo, MP (marathon pace) runs, etc.  I feel that some of the reasons in the past when I have been unmotivated to run have been due to the fact that I didn’t run “easy”…I was beatin’ myself up.  This is not good!  Beating yourself up week after week won’t be good come marathon time and you probably won’t perform to the best of your ability.  Sorry for rambling, but I am just so excited to incorporate “easy” days in order to designate specific days to go all out for speed workouts.  Also in the past I would push myself on my long runs to carry the best pace I could keep…for example,  doing 15 mile training runs at 8:00/mile pace.  Now I realize how stupid this is.  This is way too fast for training.  According to the McMillan Running Calculator, my long run pace should be anywhere from 8:40-9:40/mile.  So I am excited to train a little bit differently this time around to see what kind of results I get! 🙂

Today was my first day of speedwork in let’s see umm probably last May.  The run itself was pretty short and while I was running of course I was tired but I feel like I could have given it more.  But I am glad I was conservative during this run since it’s only my first week of training, the mileage is still pretty low, & this was the first time I’ve experimented with speed in a while!  My schedule called for a 5 mile tempo run, so this is what it looked like and what I planned on doing:

  • Mile 1– 8:33 (warm-up)–I was aiming for 8:40
  • Mile 2–7:52 (warm-up)–I was aiming for 8:30 but my watch was messed up which messed me up and made me go way too fast for a warm-up
  • Mile 3–7:36 (tempo; aimed for a 7:40)
  • Mile 4–7:26 (tempo; aimed for 7:30)
  • Mile 5–8:46 (cooldown)

Total: 8:02/mile

I’m glad that I got my feet wet a little bit with speedwork.  I was nervous going into it because I wasn’t really sure how I’d hold up.  Plus it was very, very windy.  Next week should be a bit more interesting, hopefully!  Sorry to ramble on but I’ve got a lot on my mind and I’m trying to learn all at the same time.  If you have any advice or suggestions for me about anything, I’d love to hear!

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10 responses to “I tailed you

  1. Your not rambling. Your enthuasism is beautiful. Your Dad’s a Doc? Impressive. I was wondering about McMillian…do you have a book on it or just from the internet? Take care girl 🙂

  2. lol– your dad sounds like a fun guy!

    Glad to hear that the training is going so well!!

  3. Ha, that’s pretty funny! To answer your question about the granola nutrition facts – per 1/2 cup: 270 calories, 12 g fat, 5g fiber, 5g protein, and 6% calcium. I figured those are the main ones but let me know if you’re curious about anything else!

  4. woot for training!! and i’ve been incorporating slower recovery runs too and it’s definitely made a HUGE difference in my quality workouts.

    and i 100% agree re: hingdon’s definition of tempo. totally not enough. i think tempo is slightly slower than 10k pace for 30-50 minutes. which is what i’ve been doing because 5 minutes i don’t think is enough to get much benefit

  5. Your dad jokes the way I do. Hilarious. Great work on training!

  6. keep up the good work.

    and when I see you next week… maybe I’ll tail you!! ahahahaha

  7. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce

    LOL your dad is hilarious! i volunteer in a hospital, but i don’t think i’d get away with “tailing” people. have a great weekend!

  8. Your dad seems very funny! I’m a nurse, and I wish we had such fun loving doctors around 🙂

  9. That is funny about your dad! 🙂 Just found your blog and I am curious about what you have to say!! I love finding new healthy living blogs!

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