Popping in!

Sorry that I have been M.I.A. from blogging lately.  I just wanted to pop in to remind everyone that today is THE LAST day to enter my Le Creuset Giveaway!!  So make sure you enter!!

I have had  a lot going on between all of the snow we have been having, school, friends, super bowl, etc!  I hope to get back to normal updates this weekend!

Currently, Philadelphia is getting pounded with yet another snow storm.  We have had so much snow this winter.  We usually do not get this much…and I I hate snow!  haha.  I enjoy the first snowfall of the season, but after that, I am ready for spring…I can’t stand the cold!  Plus, all of this snow is making for a lot of treadmill running…which is not that thrilling.   Is it snowing where you live?

Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the giveaway…good luck to everyone who entered!

**Also be sure to check out another awesome giveaway…Simply Life is giving away Chobani Yogurt…my favorite!**


2 responses to “Popping in!

  1. yea mare it’s snowing ALOT where i live…

  2. gosh, I hope you’re staying warm and dry!

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