The End of the Pledge

Well, today marks the last day of my Pledge to be Veg.  For those of you who do not know, I pledged to be veg for the past 30 days by omitting meat & fish from my diet.  I know that some of you have been following me along through this challenge, so please share with me how your challenge went/is going!

I will start off by saying that I thought that this challenge was very beneficial.  I enjoyed eating veggie-friendly dishes.  I think I might actually have a hard time cutting into a piece of chicken again.  I found that the meat I actually missed the most was seafood.  I love fresh fish & crab, so I really don’t think that I could ever give those up completely.  In fact, I can’t wait to have fresh fish…hopefully this week!

So, did this challenge change the way I will continue to eat?  Will I continue to eat a vegetarian-based diet?  I will say that this challenge did change the way I will choose to eat.  Through this challenge, I learned that I prefer to eat less meat.  However, I do enjoy eating meat sometimes.  Therefore, I do not want to remove meat from my diet, I just want to limit it.  I would describe my  preference for eating style as a flexitarian, defined by wikipedia as a semi-vegetarian diet focusing on vegetarian food with occasional meat consumption. A self-described flexitarian seeks to decrease meat consumption without eliminating it entirely from his or her diet.

I found this challenge to be particularly challenging when eating out.  Most of the time, I was able to find veggie-friendly meals…although they were mostly pasta dishes.  I have one thing to admit.  I did cheat one time!  I was eating at the same restaurant 2 times in the same week.  Unfortunately they did not have a large veggie-friendly menu.  They did have a good mushroom pasta entree in which I ordered the first time there.  However, I didn’t want to order the same exact thing again.  So instead I ordered the Mahi Mahi special that they were having that night…which was great by the way.

So, I am pretty happy that this challenge is over and I am also happy that I did this challenge!  I am very excited to continue my veggie-rich diet with occasional meat.

How would you describe your diet?


8 responses to “The End of the Pledge

  1. Good for you for trying! Sounds like you learned a lot from the challenge. I have been vegetarian for over 16 years now. My husband recently found out that he’s allergic to dairy, so we are eating mostly vegan now. I thought it would be soooo hard to give up cheese (not that I have entirely mind you), but it’s been easier than I suspected.

  2. Sounds like the challenge was a success!! I definitely miss fish the most since going veg. Enjoy your return to the flexitarian world!

  3. glad you enjoyed the challenge. i think that if i ever went veg i’d have a really hard time without chicken. i’d eat it every night if i could! but while i’m at school i tend to eat mostly veg simply because the meat is sketch hah

  4. Glad you enjoyed the challenge! I don’t think I could give up meat, but I eat a lot less of it than I use too. I am with you on the seafood though; scallops and salmon are up there on my all time favorite foods.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I rarely eat meat – unless we are at a friend’s house for dinner and they serve it – but definitely enjoy seafood on special occasions!

  6. you spelled “fish” wrong (you spelled it as “fesh)…. I think this challenge is very cool. every since I started to cook more/eat healthier, etc (due to you haha) I have also noticed a more of a “flexitarian” type way of eating. I like my meat though (had a to die for bison burger this weekend!! haha) but I definitely eat MUCH less meat than I have in years past. thanks for sharing the info. check out my latest post- what do you think about my views? hahaha

  7. good job mar on being vegetarian for 30 days! proud of youuuuu

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