I love fish.

Tonight for dinner I decided to keep things nice and simple.  I pan-seared a fresh piece of Wild Caught Yellow Fin Tuna.   I served the tuna alongside spinach & grape tomatoes sauteed in olive oil, garlic, and white wine.

This was such a simple, healthy, and quick meal to make.  I absolutely love dinners like this. 

For the Tuna…

Preheat pan with olive oil  over medium-hight heat.  Lightly oil one side of Tuna with olive oil and season with you preferred seasoning.  I happen to LOVE the combination of pepper with tuna (even though I’m not a huge pepper fan).  I use Wegman’s Cracked Pepper blend which also has garlic, salt and maybe some other spices in it.  Place season-side down into preheated pan.  I then chose to cover my pan.  Season side of tuna that is now face up.  After a few minutes, flip tuna.  Continue to cook until your desired liking.  I usually like to cook my tuna almost all of the way through.   However, tuna dries out very quickly so you have to be careful!  In restaurants it is almost always served rather rare–which is why I don’t prefer to order tuna when I go out!

For the Spinach & Tomatoes…

In a pan, saute olive oil and garlic.  Add halved grape tomatoes to the pan along with a splash of white wine.  Season with salt and pepper.   Cook over medium-high heat to cook the alcohol out of the wine.  Add lots of spinach and allow to cook down.

And there you have it…an awesome meal in a flash!  I love fish so much…I really did miss it over my 30-day Challenge!  Now I just need some crab meat and I’ll be a happy camper. 

What is your favorite kind of fish?

I actually used to HATE fish.  Thankfully, I’ve gotten over that.  I don’t think I can pick a favorite…I think I might love all.


14 responses to “I love fish.

  1. I love fish too! And I have had such a craving for it lately…crab, scallops, tuna, sea bass…maybe I am just hungry. But I can’t help it when I look at your food. Thanks for sharing!

    PS: Your blog is pretty, clean and organized, love it!

  2. The spinach and tomatoes side looks soooo good.

  3. Oh how I loved fresh tuna before I went veg 🙂

  4. i absolutely love fresh haddock. my brother catches in in the summer and there’s nothing better than fresh fish!

  5. Salmon will always be number one in my heart 😉

  6. ahhh that looks like the perfecttttt dinner! i love tuna (I think its my favorite) you know we both love our flounder and salmon too 😉

  7. mmm i love fish too! LOVE tuna and salmon-especially grilled!

  8. Halibut WHAT???

  9. That looks so good. I love fresh tuna too. It is hard to pick a favorite fish I love them all. I guess Salmon is currently my number one right now.

  10. I used to hate fish too. My favorite is salmon. Love it all now!

  11. You and me both about used to hating fish… I have a story… ha, I actually RAN AWAY FROM HOME for TWO DAYS because my mom tried to feed me SALMON FOR DINNER ONE NIGHT!!! And can you believe that I eat SALMON EVERY NIGHT now a days! How funny is that! ha ha ha!!!

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