18 Days…

Sorry I have not updated in more over a week (thank  you to my friend Pat for pointing that out! haha)!  For the past couple of days I went up to Grafton, Massachusetts with Todd’s (my boyfriend) family.  Todd’s Grandmother passed away over the weekend so we all went up there for the services, etc.  I have been dating Todd for about 6 1/2 years and I have only met a couple members of his extended family because all of his family lives in Massachusetts.  So it was nice to finally meet everyone.  We stayed at Steve & Kathy’s house (really close friends of Todd’s family).  They were incredibly nice and fun to be around. 

While we were in Massachusetts, Todd’s family drove me to the start of the Boston Marathon since we were staying about 15 minutes away.  This is only my 3rd time to Mass. and the two other times I went were all this year!  Four times to Massachusetts in one year…this will be a record for me. haha.  Anyway, seeing the start of the Boston Marathon was a little scary.  I couldn’t help but think in 3 weeks I’d be embarking on a 26.2 mile run from that point.  Always freaks me out a bit.  While we were there we saw a store that sold official Boston Marathon merchandise so I was able to buy my Boston Marathon jacket!!


Now it will just sit here until after April 19th.  Todd’s parents were also extremely nice and bought me a Boston marathon long-sleeve running shirt.    

So it was a long couple of days and we spent lots of it in the car driving through the monsoon outside.  I was able to get one run in while we were in Massachusetts and I was SOAKED.  I only went out for a 30 minute run and within seconds I was drenched.  I actually had fun though and I found some some pretty steep hills to run.

Now it’s back to reality.  Today I thought I had a paper due at 12, but it turns out my class was canceled due to a death in my professor’s family and we are turning in our papers next week.  So it’s sort of bittersweet…yes, I don’t have to rush to finish my paper, but at the same time,  someone did pass away.  I have so much work to do so I better get to some of it. 

Other than schoolwork, there’s a lot to look forward to…

  • Boston in 18 DAYS!
  • Easter in 4 days
  • Running 20 miles in 2 DAYS! (last one of the training cycle…then it’s a 2 week taper!)
  • My sister, Christina, is coming home from school for Easter
  • Beautiful Weather this week after all of the rain.
  • A month or so until the end of classes!

Today the sun is finally back out.  I have a pretty hard interval workout planned for today too.  I am sort of nervous because it’s hard and I’m not sure if I have it in me to push myself today.  I just gotta get myself out there and try my best.

Enjoy the rest of your week!!


6 responses to “18 Days…

  1. From Party To Hearty

    18 DAYS!! Good luck! Let us know how the last 20 miler goes.

  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!! so close. i need to order my jacket! i think i’m going to get the same one you did. what size / gender did you get? i was leaning towards ordering a mens since i don’t like the way womens styles are cut usually

  3. I can’t wait to buy my jacket…I thought about ordering online since I hear it’s nuts at the expo, but I want to make sure I get the right size. How is the color? I definitely like the mens color better but it’s BOSTON so I don’t really care. Yayyy!

  4. ah it’s getting so close!! Good luck in the last few weeks!

  5. ohhh some day I”ll have one of those jackets!! Congrats on getting there

  6. ponnnnnz! the jacket is pretty legit!!!! I know you’ll do GREAT! 🙂

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