Naturally More Peanut & Almond Butter

Tim over at Naturally More sent me over some of their products to review, Naturally More Peanut Butter & Almond Butter.


I am a HUGE fan of the Naturally More Peanut Butter.  When it comes to buying peanut butter, this is the first brand that I look for.  I just love it.  It has a grittiness to it that I love…probably from the added flax. 

However, when it comes to Almond Butter…I am just not a fan.  I’d rather just eat my almonds whole.  I think I may be the only one in the blog world to not like Almond Butter.  So unfortunately, I did not enjoy the Almond Butter and instead gave it to my sister who definitely put it to good use.


2 responses to “Naturally More Peanut & Almond Butter

  1. where can I get this Mary?

    • hey Casey! I’m so glad you found my blog haha. I don’t know if you live around any Shop Rite’s but that is where I got mine. I would check where you normally shop to see if they carry it. If you can’t find any, I can pick you up a container…it’s by far my favorite PB!

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