Garden Chicken

This dish is very versatile and you can pick and choose whichever veggies you are craving.  I will share with you what looked good to me this day.

Chopped veggies: sweet onion, asparagus, red & green bell peppers, yellow & green squash, carrots

2 cloves minced garlic

chicken breasts, sliced

olive oil


14.5 oz. can of whole peeled tomatoes


Prepare your veggies by washing and chopping.


Saute garlic in olive oil in a big pan.  Add chicken (seasoned with salt and pepper).  Cook until the chicken is almost cooked through completely.  


After chicken is almost cooked through, add the chopped veggies making sure to season with salt & pepper.  

In a separate bowl, pour the canned whole tomatoes and break up the tomatoes a bit with your hands, leaving big chunks of tomatoes.  Add the tomatoes to the pan with the chicken and veggies.

Allow this mixture to cook together on the stove for some time.  After cooking, top with fresh basil and parsley.  This would also be good with your favorite cheese on top–mozzarella, goat, parm, feta…



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